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11 October 2016 at 7:53PM

New Clinic in Saint-Sauveur: Now Closer Than Ever!

Marie-Josée Paul
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Making it easier to rediscover the joy of hearing. That is what drove the opening, on October 5th, of the new Dupont & Gignac clinic in Saint-Sauveur, a Marie-Josée Paul clinic, located at 68 avenue de la Gare. The citizens of Saint-Sauveur and neighbouring municipalities now benefit from expert local care.

Guidance—The Game Changer

Being able to count on the support of a nearby team makes a world of difference. From screening to professional hearing follow-ups. The sale of hearing aids to device adjustments. Repairs and battery changes. The new clinic is at your service and also helps you throughout your consultations with ear, nose and throat specialists and audiologists.

My passion was born from a desire to help those around me. Thirty years later, the flame is still alive. Fostering a proactive, human approach is key to helping those with hearing loss. Hearing care professionals must take time to identify a person's needs and lifestyle in order to develop a relationship based on trust. They must put forth solutions that reflect all areas of the patient's life.

Contacting us is the first step towards a better quality of life. Welcome!

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