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9 May 2017 at 4:00PM

May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month

Marie-Josée Paul
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The Focus is on Prevention and Intervention

Our senses enable us to communicate with those around us. We use them to learn, to express ourselves, to work and to build relationships. Hearing problems can therefore have a significant impact on our physical, emotional, social and professional well-being. No matter your age, the earlier a problem is detected, the better your chances are of improvement and recovery.


Little Ones

In fact, hearing is the mechanism by which children learn the basic abilities to grow and develop. For instance, hearing plays an essential role in language acquisition, success in school and building social relationships. According to the WHO, 32 million children suffer from a hearing problem, and 3 to 5 babies out of 1,000 are born with a hearing impairment. When undiagnosed and untreated, such problems can lead to language delays, poor performance in school, as well as social integration and emotional development problems. The most effective way to minimize the impact of hearing loss in the life of a child is to foster early screening and intervention practices.


40- to 55-Year-Olds

You're active, healthy, and always walk to work... You're hearing, however, may be showing signs of difficulty. The vast majority of people don't think twice about using glasses to correct their vision. When it comes to hearing aids, however, people tend to be more sheepish. Case in point, about 80% of people with hearing problems are not treated. And yet treatment offers many advantages and has a significant impact on a person's quality of life. That said, a comparative study showed that people living with hearing loss who went untreated were 36% more prone to depression.



Presbycusis refers to the progressive loss of hearing due to ageing. Its age of onset is usually around 60 years old. This natural, irreversible phenomenon is the result of cell degeneration in the ear. Hearing loss spikes after age 40 and affects 65% of 70- to 79-year-olds. The negative impact of hearing loss on the quality of life of those affected is slowly being brought to light: growing social isolation, withdrawal from activities, solitude, etc. Early diagnostic and hearing aids are contributing factors in maintaining a proper understanding of speech and in improving the quality of life of those affected by a hearing impairment.


Personalized Solutions

The hearing care professionals at the Marie-Josée Paul hearing clinics will take time to listen to you, to understand your situation and to assess all struggles stemming from your hearing problem. They will suggest several solutions that will enable you to successfully overcome your hearing impairment, while offering you support every step of the way. It's time to break the silence that has fallen around you and finally regain your quality of life and well-being.


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