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20 February 2017 at 4:13PM

Technology and Hearing Health: A Winning Combination

Marie-Josée Paul
In: Technologies

Wireless connectivity is everywhere, and that’s just as well. When technology puts itself to work for your hearing health, what you get is a multitude of options to improve your daily life. Nowadays, a simple remote control actually allows you to pair your hearing aids to your electronic devices to improve your hearing, no matter what you’re doing!


Landlines or Cell Phones

It’s now possible for you to listen to the person speaking with both ears, even during landline conversations! Simply press the "Telephone" button on your remote. Of course your telephone must feature Bluetooth technology. If this is not the case, you can add a small module that will provide connectivity.


As for your cell phone, audio output is directed to your hearing aids. Your voice is then transmitted through the remote's microphone.



Enjoy clear, unobstructed sound while watching TV thanks to your Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids. Watch—and hear—your favourite shows while enjoying the superior quality of your hearing aids’ earphones. Once again, if your television doesn’t feature Bluetooth technology, simply add a module to enable wireless connectivity.


Music, Videos, Radio...

In fact, your hearing aids can be paired to all kinds of devices, such as your computer, your tablet and your GPS, to name but a few. Wireless accessories compensate for or reduce the inconveniences of hearing loss. They contribute to your safety, facilitate communications, promote autonomy and improve your quality of life.


Hearing Care Professionals at Your Service

Contact your hearing care professional to get the answers to your questions regarding connectivity and to get your remote control along with your connectivity module.

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